What is Ping & ping commands examples


What is Ping & ping commands examples

ping is a network utility program. Its full form is packet internet groper. Ping utility is in a the command form. And with the help of ping command, any user can check the existence of an IP address or domain name as well as track its speed. When you test a Hostname and IP by giving a Ping command, it checks whether the given IP or domain exists with Ping and if it exists, then how much response comes from it.

With help of ping command you can detect. Remote device in network like website, computer and current machine is reachable(connected) or not. If is available. So, how much is latency (latency means how much response comes from it). When ping to host with any machine. So it sends a data packet to the remote machine. And if it gets back to the data packet, it means that the connection between the two devices is correct.
ping is the reaction time of your network connection – how fast you get the response after sending your ping request. The faster the response will be, the faster and better network connection will be considered. Measure ping in milliseconds (ms).

Ping command syntax

ping [-t] [-a] [-n] [-l] [-f] [-i] [-v] [-r] [-s] [-w] [-R] [-S] [-p] [-4] [-6]

NOTE = -f, -v, -r, -s, -j, -k, -4 work with ipv4 address. and -r, -6 work with ipv6 address.

ping cmd

  1. “ping -h” this command for help.
  1. “ping wikhack.com” this command for ping any network.

ping cmd 2

3. “ping -n 10 wikhack.com” this command for send 10 echo requests to send any network.

ping cmd 3

4. “ping -l 64 wikhack.com” this command for send Buffer size .

ping cmd 4

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