Hello friends. Do you know about digital marketing? Or they will be a little too much. If you do not know, I tell you today. Friends, you can call it digital marketing, online marketing, internet marketing.

What Is Digital Marketing?

In digital marketing, we can access many products in the global market through online Internet access to our products or services. In this, you promote your product and service globally through digital tools. in this digital market, The product is promoted by advertising. Is there a variety of ad networks available in the digital market. Which do different types of adverts?

LIKE = display ads, text ads, popup ads, SEO (search engine optimization), sponsored search, SMM (social media marketing), mobile ads, There are also many types of ads. Let me tell you about some urgent ads. Which people use the most?

Display ads = By creating image or gif image inside it do advertisement. Looking at people are attracted to our product. this advertisement Something looks like this.

Text Ads=  Text is displayed in text instead of image or video. People who read.

Popup Ads = When you go to a website and watch anything, then a popup opens with Aachen and it is called popup advertisement.

Mobile ads = you be using a mobile phone.  When you run an app on the mobile, then advertisements appear in the app. They are called mobile advertisement.

SEO (Search engine optimization) = Do you have a website in it. Your product is ranked on the target keyword in the website.
So that the keywords of that keyword traffic will come to your website.

SMM (Social Media Marketing) = you all be walking Instagram, Facebook. twitter, youtube. Advertisement on all these is social media marketing.

There are also many types of advertisement networks. From which we can get advertising.  GOOD BUY.


Lalit Joshihttps://wikhack.com
Lalit Joshi is founder of wikhack. they like blogging, hacking, digital marketing, and many more topics. he is from india. for more information click here.


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