What Is Ethical Hacking – Different Types Of Hackers

What Is Ethical Hacking

As per Wiki: “Ensured Ethical Hacker is an expert confirmation gave by the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council).” A moral programmer is typically utilized by an association to infiltrate systems or potentially PC frameworks, utilizing an indistinguishable technique from a programmer. After all to discover Weaknesses he should think and go about as one. A moral programmer might be utilized so he may discover and settle PC security vulnerabilities. A Certified Ethical Hacker has acquired an accreditation in what to look like for the shortcomings and vulnerabilities in target frameworks and utilize a similar learning and instruments and resolve those Weaknesses.

Different Types of Hackers

Types of Hackers: Many types of hackers available in this world.

1 white hat hackers
2 black hat hackers
3 grey hat hackers
4 script kiddies
5 green hat hackers
6 bluehat hackers
7 redhat hackers
8 state/nation sponsored hackers
9 hacktiviest
10 malicious insider or whistleblower

But there are broadly three types of hackers that have evolved in the cyber world:

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whitehat hackers

i. White Hat Hacker: This is utilized to portray a moral programmer. The term occurred to a great extent after programmers moved into counseling on organize security and frameworks. White Hat Hacking involves Software testing frameworks for security and ruptures and so on. Regularly arrange managers additionally perform hacking without anyone else frameworks to search for vulnerabilities. When in doubt, a white cap programmer never breaks into a framework he doesn’t claim or have expert to enter. They take after the morals of hacking to the letter.

blackhat hackersii. Black Hat Hacker: This is used to describe a cracker or malicious hacker. Most importantly it does not apply to all computer criminals. Only network intruders and other activities that conflict with hacker ethics fall under this category.




greyhat hackersiii. Grey Hat Hacker: This is someone who can swing either way when he has breached a system. Either he will inform the hacked that there is a breach or he will share the information with the public. Often the grey hat hacker will breach a system because he can do it. They believe it is alright to perform the intrusion. The system of intrusion followed by the black hat and the grey hat is the same, blurring the line between the two. However, what varies is the eventual outcome.

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Hackers vs. Crackers 

There is a lot of discussion between the definition of a hacker and a cracker. There seem to be many versions and interpretations of these. We will study the broad analysis of the two. Although people always mix up the two words, hackers and crackers have distinct dissimilarities. And that is motive, the motive for the hacking. As mentioned earlier hackers were never satisfied with what is obvious and pre-programmed. They wanted to explore and push the limit, they were never satisfied. Crackers focus on cracking codes and systems for ulterior motives. Hackers (white hat hackers) change the existing state of a programme by either changing a code or adding it,to influence it to accomplish an option that is other than what it was intended to do. For example, a hacker who used Facebook to hack into a company’s security system, to demonstrate just how vulnerable a social networking site can make a company’s system.

Crackers have the same skill set as a white hat hacker, but they are known as malicious hackers and black-hat hackers, they use their knowledge and skill to commit criminal acts. Crackers can send viruses, steal information that is vital, commit identity thefts etc. and all of these activities are considered illegal. The main difference between the two l.e.; hacker and cracker is the ‘ legality and end game of their actions.

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